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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> my honor to be on the stage with the man i hope is the 45th president of the united states. [ applause ] >> president obama had just put this in his column. he assumed from the beginning, wisconsin was going to be his. >> but you know what? we're going to win wisconsin and we're going to get the white house. >> in an interview with fox news, romney joins the call for special council to investigate intelligence leaks. >> how serious do you think the national security leaks are? should there be a special prosecutor appointed? >> i think a special prosecutor should look into them. make every evident to understand how those matt tears relate to the safety of our men and women in uniform, around the world, and to our foreign policy plans, those items should not be leaked in a way to put america's interest and the people in jeopardy. >> romney blasted the president's executive directive on immigration last week promising he will not use immigration as a political football. >> i don't think we go jumping from one solution to the other. the president made a mistake
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putting out there what he called a stop gap measure. that is not the right way to go. >> political? >> of course, it's partly political. the right course is not to have a nominee like myself going out and talking about the short-term answers. i want to put in place a long-term solution to illegal immigration channel. >> romney refused to comment on paul ryan or other tenial running -- potential running mate. >> something i will decide down the road. no timetable for you now. i'll decide exactly when it is i name my v.p. it could be at the convention or earlier. >> on what is becoming a full scale civil war in syria, romney was critical of the administration for tolerating moscow interference. >> the president has not communicated strength and resolve around the world. we need the mange it clear to moscow that the interference poses a great threat to the national interest of america and free people around the world. >> romney pulled his punchs when it comes to the obama administration policy toward egypt in the wake of this weekend election where the
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muslim brotherhood claimed victory. >> i'm not going to attack president obama on every decision he made. this is a particularly difficult one. if we assert ourselves too much in egypt, we have in some respects a counter reaction to the involvement there. >> romney has been zinged about rephalca, his wife's competition team that qualified for olympic team. he said it's therapeutic for his wife who has multiple sclerosis. >> it's app's passion. not mine. if i ride i ride on a trail. but she is devoted to the sport. it's been powerful healing element in her life. what works for her is something i'm not going to get in the middle of. >> after wrapping up in iowa, romney will conclude the five-day bus trip tuesday, 20 weeks from election day. >> carl cameron in iowa tonight. thank you so much. we have a verdict in the
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perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens tonight. national correspondent steve centanni tells us what happened. he is inside the courthouse. good evening. >> good evening, john. four-and-a-half years after the allegation first arose, roger clemens walked out of this d.c. courthouse a free man. not guilty on all six federal counts against him. in the end, jury of eight women and four men didn't believe clemens lied before a congressional committee. in february of 2008. when he said he never useded performance enhancing drugs. the testimony here lasted nine weeks. after an earlier attempt ended in a mistrial last summer, due to prosecutorial mistakes. the chief witness against clemens was his former trainer, brian mcnamee who claims he personally injected clemens with steroids. his credibility was questioned by the clemens defense which pointed out that mack namee made false. stays in 2001 sexual assault case. victorious and grateful clemens backed by his wife and
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four sons appeared on the courthouse steps. >> all you media guys that know me and followed my career. [ applause ] i put a lot of hard work in to that career. >> in a statement, the department of justice thanked the jury but had no other comment. this is the second major setback for federal prosecutors in the last three weeks. after jury in north carolina failed to buy their case against john edwards. john? >> 2-0 right now. thank you very much. steve centanni. attorney general eric holder says he will provide what he calls extraordinary accommodation in a briefing on operation fast and furious. holder meets on tuesday with house and senate leaders. meanwhile, the federal agent two blew the whistle on the failed gun tracking scheme tells us why he did it. correspondent william la jeunesse has this fox news
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exclusive. >> i am willing to sit down and talk about provision of more materials. >> in an effort to head off a scheduled contempt of congress vote on wednesday, attorney general eric holder agreed to meet tuesday with congressional leaders. in a letter holder says his department has offered a serious good faith proposal to bring the matter to amicable resolution. in the form of a briefing based on documents that the committee could retain. >> until now, chairman darrell issa demanded to see documents and know the identities of those who prepared a now retracted letter of february 4, 2011, where the justice department claimed the u.s. did not knowingly help smuggle guns to mexico. including those found at the murder scene of border agent brian terry. >> the families don't have answers they deserve, which is the sole reason i'm here. >> a year ago, atf agent john doddson blew whistle on "fast
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and furious." >> the guns we saw turns up at crime scenes in the united states and mexico. yet, we still did nothing. >> congress vowed to get answers. >> we will not rest until every single person responsible for all of this, no matter they are, brought to justice. >> here we are, a year later. do the attorneys know anything more about the program? has anybody been held accountable for it? has any of their questions about this been answered? >> the justice department denieded and discredited doddson's claims. republicans leading a congressional investigation largely support doddson's claims, though democrats call it a political witch hunt. eric holder admits the tactics in "fast and furious" were reckless and unacceptable. >> it's not matter of me feeling vindicated.
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maybe the truth will come out. to goal the truth. >> some committee members fear chairman issa makes the deal to accept documents there won't be a contempt vote period. they fear backlash at home. if house leadership doesn't support contempt, it's a paper tiger and some argue get what you can now. bottom line, expect a lot of lobbying in the next 24 hours. >> that's one thing to expect. great get for us, william la jeunesse. in los angeles tonight. reports that russia is sending troops to syria to protect the naval base there. russia's new president who is also the old president met with the u.s. president today to try to smooth over bumpy times. the national security correspondent jennifer griffin has story tonight. >> after weeks of intentional snubs and rising disagreement over syria, the u.s. and russian president met face to face for the first time in three years on the sidelines of the g-20 summit in mexico.
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neither leader looked at each other while making cursory remarks after the meeting. the body language suggested the gaps in their position had not been bridgeed and the relationship may not have been reset. >> finally, as this president mentioned we discussed syria, where we agree that we need to see stop to violence, that is a political process has to be created. to prevent civil war. >> it wasn't exactly a bear hug. but it lasted two hours with the rising speckor of civil war in syria and reports that russia is preparing to send twonail ship and marine to the report of tartus as a backdrop. >> from my perspective, we have been able to find many commonalities pertaining to all of those issues. >> president obama waited days to congratulate president putin following his return to power in may. the russian strongman did snub
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the u.s. president backing out of the g-8 summit at camp david and canceling the white house meeting with the president last month. meanwhile, the violence in syria, one of russia's few allies in the middle east and home the only base outside the former sev yet union gets worse every day. u.s. peacekeeping observe vants pulled out this weekend and mccain again called for u.s. and the international community to intervene. >> syrian army defectors told us killing, rape and torture what was they were instructed to do as tactic of terror and intimidation. so if i get emotion when i talk about syria, that's why. >> russia blocked attempts by the u.n. security council to sanction assad regime. >> it's note that russia and china to make regime change or help somebody else make regime change. >> russians were irritated when secretary of state hillary clinton criticized
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them for sending attack helicopters to syria. now british insurance agency pulled coverage of russian ship meaning it will likely turn around. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you so much. getting google to pull the plug. that is later in the grapevine. up next, greece does not pull the plug on the euro. at least not yet. how that is playing tall g-20 summit after this. ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. just $14.99. start with soup, salad and cheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently.
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[ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. see your lexus dealer. >> john: wall street does not seem to get too caught up, at least in the last couple of days in this weekend's greek elections. the dow gave back 25 today. s&p 500 was intwo. nasdaq added about 23. greece is just one of the euro zone countries in trouble. it's against that backdrop that the financial powers are meeting in mexico.
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wendell goler traveling with president obama. >> there was relief it didn't complicate the euro zone dragging on the economy. president obama said outlook is positive. >> forming a government and working constructively with the international partners in order they can continue on the path of reform. he said he would try to form coalition government with other parties that want to stay in euro zone. >> we should keep the bonds and earn necessary modification on bail-out to relieve the greek people from the harmful reality. >> analysts thought they'd get time for the budget cut. but the german chancellor angela merkel said she would agree to the tough bail-out terms. >> we agreed op a greece program. the framework needs to be adhered to. that greece sticks to the
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commitment. >> that won't win many friends in mexico, according to the policy center. >> i can't see any harm. we're not digging in taxpayers' money here. >> it's holding back the u.s. economic recovery by reducing u.s. exports and may contribute to global slowdown as well. source says the g-20 draft communique lists as the top priority strong, sustainable balanced growth that reduces unemployment. the u.s. officials say european banks need to be stronger and have common standards to work better together. white house officials don't expect the crisis to be resolved here but they want the few euro zone leaders that are here they'll do what it takes. >> we don't expect decision until the euro leaders have the summit at the end of june.
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we expect to see travel from los cabos. >> aides say the president was encouraged by impromptu meeting with angela merkel this afternoon. after it ends tonight they'll call the leaders together for another meeting to stress urgency of ring the euro zone crisis. john? >> john: wendell goler with us from cabo. we'll have more with the panel. congress is back after timeoff. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us what congress is talking about. >> as congress returns, president obama's decision and investigation in the high profile national security leaks are sure to top headlines this week. house intelligence chairman mike rogers offered this assessment of the source of the leaks. >> somebody senior had access to the material and the situation room. it's a small number of people. i tells them they are more senior in the white house. >> on "fox news sunday," chairman of the senate
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homeland security and governmental affairs committee called on attorney general eric holder to tact to avoid appearance that anybody in the administration is trying to block full scale investigation. >> we do need a special council. special counsel avoids any appearance of conflict of interest. special counsel or independent counsel create forward situation exactly like this. >> there is conflict intentionm leader of congress after the president's decision to stop exporting illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children. some say president obama didn't do anything when his party controlled congress so this is about politics. >> what changed between last year when you said you didn't have the authority to do this a this year when you say you are going to do it, other than the proximity to election? >> the suggestion being this is a play to win over hispanic voters.
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but others say he was frustrated by the policy he came close to call for janet napolitano's resignation. today, gutierrez promised to continue the fight. >> we need to work on a permanent fix to the broken immigration system. >> mr. obama bypass congress irritated the lawmakers and sidelineed a republican effort. senator marco rubio of florida and heisteds admit his push for a longer-term new version of the dream act is likely dead until after the election. john? >> john: we'll see how it plays out. thank you mike emanuel. first, voting is over in egypt now. the question is who won?
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>> john: this is a fox knew alert. breaking news out of afghanistan. it appears there has been another case of american service member killed by attacker dressed in afghan police uniforms. it happenedded in the southern part of the country. eight u.s. troops were injured, three shooters fled the scene. there has been a dozen so-called insider attacks in afghanistan so far this year. israeli defense officials say militants crossed over from egypt sinai desert and opened fire on workers constructing a fence. one israeli died. two militants were killed. we are getting mixed signals about the future of egypt. the military is promising to step aside but not completely when a new president is sworn in. who that will be, however, remains up in the air tonight. correspondent leland vittert has the late prest cairo -- latest from cairo. >> election still reviewing vote totals, mohammed morsi
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and ahmed shafiq are both declaring victory, as the new egyptian president. morsi currently leads by four points. morsi waited through -- waded through a massive and adoring crowd saying it will be my duty to be a father to all of them, a brother to all of them, trying to assure egyptians and the world, denying charges he had nothing more than islamic radical. >> morsi will make it -- [ inaudible ] >> the muslim brotherhood powerful political machine turned out long lines, and stronghold in the poor neighborhood. in the wealthy, secular parts of town, voters picked shafiq. but turn-out was light. many were unhappy with either candidate. >> less worst from two worse choices. >> tonight in tahrir square members of the muslim brotherhood celebrated but it may be premoomature.
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official results do not come out until thursday. the ruling military hunta says they will turn over power to whoever wins later this month but the same time says the new president will not have control over the army. john? >> john: leland vittert for us tonight in cairo. thank you so much. president obama's pick to be the next ambassador to iraq has withdrawal. bret mcgerk had been criticized for having an extramarital affair with a reporter, a woman who is now his wife. republicans were unhappy with mcgerk's performance in ira iraq. iran is meeting with the united states and other nations in moscow to hammer out compromise over the nuclear ambitions. correspondent steve harrigan is there to tell us if that is doing any good. >> there has been no sign of progress or optimism from either side after the first day of two-day talks on iran
6:25 pm
nuclear program here in mosco moscow. one side, u.s. and five world powers demand they stop enriching uranium until the 20% level. at that level that uranium can be easily used in a weapon. iran on the other side says the nuclear program is for peaceful means and they are pushing back hard against economic sanctions. the sanctions are expected to be tightened further when the european union gives its embargo on iranian oil. the failure to agree to more talks could have immediate impact, first on the world oil market and the global economy. it could ratchet up tension and pressure. fears of possible israeli military airstrike against iran nuclear program. back to you. >> john: steve harrigan in moscow. thank you so much. some cherokee leaders want a senate candidate to stop saying she is part native
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>> john: now fresh pickingsings from the political grapevine. google says the search engine is seeing ail larming rise in the content remuel requests from government. including the united states. many of the request are legitimate to protect privacy
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and hate speech. however, google says it's seeing more requests from government agencies trying to sensor material that they don't. in a statement, google said it's alarming not only because free expression is amiss but some of the requests come from countrial that you might not expect. western democracy is not typically associated with when somewhereship. four cherokee activists are traveling to boston to hope to sit down with elizabeth warren to discuss hernatetive american heritage claim. boston herald is made up democrats and left leaning independents. the group says warren's claim she is 1/32nd cherokee is offensive. "we would like to see her look at the documentation and admit that there is no indian ancestry there and then apologize." warren's campaign reportedly said staffers will connect with the group.
6:31 pm
finally, kazakhstan isn't laughing. "atlantic" report people are cracking down on people who disrespect national anthem and state symbols with legislation that imposes stiff fine and jail time. it comes in response tome barosing ince dents including people using the national frag to transport gor badge. i made headline when they accidently replaced the national anthem with a spoof theme from the "borac" comedy movie and ricky martin "living la vida loca" in high profile ceremonies. president obama's move on immigration and gay rights are greeted with skepttism from some who say they're election year appeal to poorest supporters. doug mckelway tells us what that means. >> i promise, you, you won't just have a friend in the white house. you i'll have a fellow advocate. >> president firing up constituency at the lgbt pride reception friday. hours after the administration
6:32 pm
pleased another key demographic, latinos, by relaxing enforcement of the deportation laws for immigrants. and all part of full court press to shore up support in his base, some say. it continued today with surrogates reaching out to're core group. environmentalists. >> we are not getting to let them put a jab, dirty needle of pipeline to america. not going to let them take dirty energy created and stick it in this country. >> this speaks volume about the worry that the lacking economic slump is hurting his re-election chances. >> constituencies are not energized. we see traditional constituencies paying less attention the campaign and republican and conservative constituencies. >> your core group can hurt you, if they don't come to the polls. we have seen one move after another by the president to
6:33 pm
shore up the base. >> still the white house is denying politics played a role in the executive branch decision over immigration. >> this builds on steps we have taken. >> after the white house announced the decision, obama campaign blasted out fundraising e-mail and asking supporters to stand up and support the president today. leading scholar says the change of immigration enforcement -- >> this smells of politics. wreaks of politics. >> compounding the problem of lack of enthusiasm in the base, polls show bad economic news impact voter perception instantly and good economic news takes time to sink in. even if the economy improves between now and november, president has little time to convince the uninspired he is turning it around. john? >> john: doug mckelway tonight. thanks. we are still waiting for the supreme court ruling on the president's healthcare law. nothing on that today. justices did decide on another big case. they say sales for drug
6:34 pm
policies don't qualify for overtime pay. a huge win for pharmaceutical industry. autopsy today on rodney king. his videotape beating and the acquittal of the police officers involved sparked the nation's worst race riot in 1992. he was found at the bot to of his swimming pool on sunday. his death is treated as an accident. internal faa documents indicate new regulation to keep air traffic controllers sleeping on duty to start wor working. the "washington post" says there have been 4,000 violations since the rules were put in effect last year. we'll talk about what mitt romney talked about with carl cameron when the fox all-stars join me after this quick brea break. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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of a governor who has held down spending and they like the fact that taxes are lower. same time, the schools are doing very well. employment is doing better here in wisconsin. so there is a way to get the private sector working, not just the governmental sector. >> presidential candidate romney in conversation with our carl cameron today talking about politics, syria, immigration and more. bring in the all-star panel, jonah goldberg from national review online, with mara liasson, national public correspondent of national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. mara, start with you. predicting victory in wisconsin and a bold prediction when you consider president obama won by 14 points in 2008. a lot has changed there. >> a lot has changed there. previous democrats won by a point or two. a close state but democratic state since 1984. a lot has changed. republicans swept the state in 2010. scott walker survived the recall in the fight for the recall. republicans built a real infrastructure they didn't have in the state before that. although, a lot of arguments you heard romney just made,
6:39 pm
you could hear president obama making them also for his case. why not vote for me, wisconsin? your economy is doing better, unemployment rate is down. governor governor will credit the governor and the president wants credit himself. i think wisconsin is a really important key to romney's strategy. the reason he is on a bus tour around the great lakes if he can get wisconsin or michigan or pennsylvania, i think he wins the white house. those are three must-win states for the president. the president does not have to win ohio, but he cannot survive without wisconsin and pennsylvania, michigan. >> other reach of the white house is easier with a couple of those. >> john: on immigration, mitt romney was talking to carl cameron and said the president "made a mistake" putting out there what he called a stopgap measure. mitt romney still has no specific plan to answer the president with on immigration. >> this is a punt. i think romney is wise to do it. first of all, this isn't a presidential issue. this is a progressive issue. this is unprecedented grab of
6:40 pm
power by the exective from the congress, by saying it won't win force of law. the congress ought to protect and be offended, including the democrats in congress over appropriation of power by the executive. as to the politics of this, for romney, losing proposition to get in a fight. there is a clever trap by obama. it's a way to lure, first of all, romney. away from talking about the main issue, economics. any day that romney said anything other than economics is a day obama wins. it isn't easy issue to romney to counter. he has to argue on progress, while you run an ad on this and you say, you show up a valedictorian, young illegal immigrant with sterling record, someone known for rescuing cats out of trees and saying me, man, romney wants to deport her because of a process issue.
6:41 pm
losing proposition. romney is right. he will kick it to the future. if he is elected cancel the order. why get in a distraction right now is >> john: carl cameron doing his job very well. he got romney to talk about more than the economy. got him to talk about syria as well. here is what romney told carl cameron about president obama's current policy toward syria. >> the obama me stooge moscow is reset policy that it's warm and fuzzy between us and moscow. what we have seen in the last several years is moscow didn't get the message. the president reset policy has been abject failure. >> romney talking about moscow, supplying the syrian government with weapons and materials support. romney, jonah, also went on to say if russia continues to meddle in syria, there will be consequences. what kind of consequences could he be talking about? about? >> i don't know. i don't know that mitt romney
6:42 pm
knows. i argue that he will argue for putting ground troops in syria or anything along those lines but at the same time romney is smart to focus on the russia aspect of this. he is right. the reset policy has been abysmal failure. it allows him to point out that the hope an change and pie-eyed stuff we heard from obama in the beginning has been sort of belittled and ridiculed by other power players around the globe. i don't think we want to get in the business of boycotting the olympics. weird topic for romney to get into. he has to get to obama right and find a foil to expose the problems of obama foreign policy. russia is a great place to start. >> romney talked today about the leaks investigation saying it should not be handled by the department of justice. it should be handled by a special investigator, special prosecutor. obviously, a good call for him
6:43 pm
to make. >> easy call for him to make. the party out of power always wants the white house to appoint independent counsel to investigate itself. >> should there be one? >> i don't know. this is intensely political decision. first, we should see if the proprosecutors, one appointed by bush, one appointed by obama, i think that's right. one was a republican and one was a democrat, to get to the bottom of this. somebody leakedded the information. we need to find out how. now they might end up putting reporters in jail. but first, let's see what happens with that investigation. >> john: one of the other things that romney has been doing on the current tour charles is taking some potential runningmate out for bit of a test drive. paul ryan with him today in wisconsin. portman, marco rubio, tim pawlenty out there as well. who looks good to you? >> it looks as if he is doing a variation of "the apprentice." at the end he says to everybody "you're fired" except for you. he has the top tier running,
6:44 pm
campaigning with him. he has had a chance to see how they are doing. i don't think there is any way to predict. it will be a decision that romney will make on his own. he will get advice but it's who he feels comfortable with. he wants someone steady and solid who won't surprise. this gives him an opportunity to try everybody out, put them on the trail where there is unscripted moments to see how they do. not sure he decided yet or he knows who the top three is. >> keep fundraising going for the people auditioning the job. if he ends early they close the roladexes and stop holding rundraisers. >> john: we should say that president obama made a decision, who will play romney in debate prep. he has chosen john kerry. he says he knows as much about a massachusetts governor as anybody does. the other interesting thing out there, too, in regard to vice presidential pick is romney campaign floating the idea he is not going to wait until the convention as john
6:45 pm
mccain did in 2008. he will probably come out with the vice presidential pick long before then. does it serve him well? >> i don't think it necessarily does, partly for the reason i was saying. you want people out there auditioning for job, being enthusiastic, raising money for you. it's a smart move if it's a great pick. and it excites people. if it's not a great pick and it doesn't excite people and it bores people right up until the convention, not a great pick. personality is attendant. >> you get the person out on the trail working for you. >> true. it frees you up to do things you need to do, like debate prep who we don't know who is playing president obama in the deperate prep yet -- debate prep. >> john: we talk about the g-20 summit and the shaky global economy and what it means for united states. the all-star panel will be back in just a moment.
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i think the election in greece yesterday indicates a positive prospect for not only them forming a government but also them working constructively with their international partners. in order that they can continue on the path of reform. and do so in a way that also offers the prospect for the greek people to succeed and prosper. >> john: president obama at the g-20 summit in los cabos sending a note of optimism after the greek election that they may be on the road to try to figure out something to do about the financial crisis. he sounds like he is confident. charles, are you filled with the same confidence? >> no. i lack a little of it. we have heard about hope an change. what strikes me about his statements in mexico is anybody listening, does anybody care?
6:50 pm
which strikes me how diminished the role of the u.s. in all of those international meetings. everybody cares about what the german chancellor says, not what obama says. is he going to lecture the europeans on debt after he runs up $5 trillion in one term? lecture them on um employment when his is over 8% for the entire term? no. all they care sabt what merkel is going to say, because the greeks elected a government that is willing to stay in the euro. however, the winner of the election announced on election night that he is going to renegotiate terms. well, merkel has said they are not going to renegotiate. and she demands enforcement of the term. understand german. country with a retirement age of 67, subsidizing a country in greece where hair dressers retire at the age of 50, because it's listed as hazardous employment. they are tired of being what used to be called the uncle's sam of greece, but nobody today cares about the real
6:51 pm
uncle sam. >> john: on the topic of what chancellor merkel is saying about all of this, this is what she said at the g-20 summit. >> we are looking at -- we need to enurious that the choice will quickly go to -- [ inaudible ] the framework needs to be adhered to. this means we must be sure that greece sticks to the commitment. >> the most important part of that frizz there is make sure that greek sticks to its commitment. what do you think the chances of that are? >> greece is going to want to adjust commitments, ease the bailout, the terms of the bailout. right now, merkel is sticking to a pretty hard line. in the end, she needs euro zone. even if greece exits she needs the rest to stay in. it's important for the german economy. in tend, they have to make accommodation. >> john: jonah you said in break you thought different outcome of greece's elections over the weekend might have been better. why? >> i think angela merkel was secretly disappointed by the
6:52 pm
results in greece. if the left wing party had won and rejected the bail-out greece could say well, we're done with you. go away now. now there will be a long contentious negotiation about renegotiating the terms that puts her on the hot seat. greek is in economic freefall, economic catastrophe. the gdp dropped 16% in last three years and scheduled to drop 7% this year. he cannot pay for what the terms of the bail-out. so instead what we'll do is keep the fuse burning. we're going to have mixed metaphors, kicking the can for a long time now. eventually, greece has to default and has to drop out of the euro zone. >> john: if this is a long sort of slow drip, drip, drip, what happens here to people's savings and their 401(k)? >> i think greek situation is the least of e.u. troubles. it's a relatively small economy. if they had the will, it could be sustained indefinitely on
6:53 pm
life support. the problem is spain. spain has now long-term interest rate are over 7%. at six, you are in the danger zone. when greece hits six, it won't over a cliff. pain is hanging there. italy is next. it has extremely high interest rate, which is impossible to sustain. it won't be able to continue to borrow. the third largest economy in the e.u. this is all patch work. everybody understands that the train is headed over a cliff. but they patch it up slightly so you get an extra couple of months. i don't see any way that europe is able to pay off the extravagant living it's been on. the social entitlement it's been on for 65 years. it can't be done. it will stop. the only question is it a crash or something more slow motion? i think it will be a crash. >> john: so bring it home. how are americans affected by this? market, couple of months ago was at 13,400. then down to 12,100, now back
6:54 pm
to 19,700. >> from the point of view of white house, they feel if europe can avoid a full-blown contagion and wild collapse, that american banks are insulated against that, and that especially though it's a head wind we will be okay. if the whole thing falls apart and implodes, it will be bad for the u.s. economy. we can weather just a greek pullout. >> john: any way to fix it? >> i don't think so. i think it was right from the beginning when you said the euro made no sense because it doesn't work with the structure. great irony is obama came in office saying we need to be more like europe, that will fix all of our problems. that doesn't sound like great advice now. >> john: thank you, all. thanks to the panel. that's it for now. stay tuned. because if you have a weird pet, they have a home on youtube. ♪ ♪
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>> finally tonight, these days there is a youtube channel for just about everything. weird pet behavior among them. when it comes to pets and their issues, they don't come much weirder than yogi the crazy corky who nearly burned the house down over his obsession with cleaning supplies. [ laughter ] [beep] >> oh no are you [bleep] me? oh my gosh. that's paint. >> what whenever do you that? [bleep], [bleep]. whoa. >> what was that? >> the house just caught on fire. >> it did? >> yes. >> no, no, no, no. >> that's what happens when your dog gets under the sink and gets into a pain of paint. good night from washington. "the fox report" is coming up
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next. >> this is the fox report. tonight. 11-time all-star two all series rings. this was the second time the feds tried to put him away and the first go around was a major embarrassment for prosecutors. a judge declared a mistrial after the prosecution showed the jury


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